Saturday, February 17, 2007

It Takes One to Know One

So this afternoon I was on the A train heading downtown, when an obviously mentally off-kilter man sat down across from me. You know when you just see someone who is clearly insane? Yeah, that was this guy. (Why are they always wearing '70s era tinted aviator bifocals?)

Anyway, I paid him very little heed because a crazy guy with tacky eyewear is not particularly unusual in New York, even if he is talking to himself out loud.

I had my iPod on shuffle so I couldn't hear what he was talking to himself about. I was listening to ABBA's "Fernando" and, well, I like this song, so maybe, yeah, I was kind of bobbing my head and grooving in my seat to this great tune.

I looked up and the crazy guy rolled his eyes at me as if to say, "What a looney."

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