Saturday, February 17, 2007

A First Time for Everything

Probably the last thing anyone -- myself included -- ever expected me to post on my blog was a link to a video of a woman doing a striptease routine. VERY, VERY NOT SAFE FOR WORK.

However, you have got to see this.

Hat tip: Useless! Worthless! Insipid!


The Law Fairy said...

Okay, now, as a good feminist, I usually hate pretty much anything featuring a woman getting naked on stage.

But that was pretty freaking awesome.

Mark G. said...

Wow. Wonder if David Blaine will ever do magic like that.

Don't you just love the intensity of her jazz hands!!

Andy said...

Yes, actually her jazz hands are fantastic. Hmmm...I would definitely be interested in seeing a David Blaine show like that!

Gino said...

As a male chauvanist pig, i generally love anything featuring an attractive woman getting naked on stage... or anywhere else for that matter.

this one more so, because its tastefully done.

Andy said...

I don't know if "tasteful" is the right word, but it certainly wasn't "dirty" or "erotic." I mean, it was kind of naughty, sure, but heavy on the "wink-wink." I think what made it harmless and thoroughly entertaining was the sheer silliness of it...not to mention, that's a pretty good trick!

Jade said...

:) The magic of it is gone for me because I know how the trick is done, however it was entertaining anyway that she would go so far with it.