Friday, May 04, 2007

Call Me "The Flash"

I feel like the interview went pretty well. It was with an executive search firm, so I think we're on the same wave-length about what I'm looking for and that I'm willing to wait (for a little while) for a good fit, rather than just take the first thing that comes along with my salary goal.

I don't recall saying anything too stupid (like the interview I once had in New York where the lady offhandedly mentioned she was trying out a new diet and I said, "Is it working?").

There was a math test! Quel horreur. I can't remember the last time I had to do long division. I had a momentary panic attack over whether 8 times 8 really is 64 or not, and then on the grammar section there was a question about whether California is further or farther than Idaho. I tried to think back to Battlestar Galactica when Boomer explains it to Helo ("Farther describes actual distance. Further is more figurative."), but I couldn't remember exactly. I think I got it right.

The typing test...well, let's just say I finished the text sample before the timer ran out. "I'm out of words," I said. The attendant said, "Oh...well...start over from the beginning, keep going!" I didn't get my actual score, but I think that probably suffices for their needs.

And now I'm going to relax and have a nice weekend. I'll be in the hot tub, if anyone needs me.


Glenn said...

Congrats on knowing 8x8, and who knew that BSG would save you on a grammar test?

Matthew said...

Good luck with the job hunt, Andy.

Oh, and I tend to use TV as a reference for certain things, too. Good to know I'm not the only one. ;-)

Luke said...

Hey Andy, my internet's almost back so I just got around to reading all your cross-country cat-ventures.

I'm so jealous! So while you may feel kind of down in the dumps about living with your parents, just know that I think you're life more exciting than mine...and I'm in NYC!

Anonymous said...

You in a hot tub? Hmmm? Now, that's something I may not need but I sure would like.