Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Are there Hot Tubs in Heaven?

I had a couple requests via IM and email for an update to make sure I'm okay.

I'm fabulous, there's just not a lot to report on, nothing particularly blogtastic to make for fascinating reading.

I've done three interviews so far, with a fourth one scheduled for Friday. At today's interview, I was clocked at 100 wpm. Fastest blogger in the west, I tell you whut.

So, my days right now are fast-paced and stressful. I wake up around 6:30, walk down to my old elementary school to warm-up and stretch out, then I jog on their nice soft track for a mile, and then walk back home, where I enjoy a leisurely cup of coffee while reading the news online and checking email. Around 9:00 or so, depending on what time the interview is, I hit the shower. One interview was in Lake Oswego, about an 11-minute drive, or, roughly the amount of time it took me to walk from the A train stop to my office on Wall Street every day. The second interview was downtown, so I rode the local light rail train (known as "MAX"). Today's interview was actually in an office building two blocks from my mom's house, so I just walked.

Afterwards I typically swing by the grocery store to pick up things for dinner, and then, because the weather has been clear and sunny in the upper 70s/low 80s the last two days, I spread a towel out on the deck and have started working on my summer tan so that when I go to the beach, Greenpeace doesn't try to rescue me (hence also the jogging).

While I was spreading out the towel today, a squirrel yelled at me from one of the pine trees in the yard. I thought Oregonians were supposed to be friendlier; I can't recall ever coming across a rude squirrel in New York. I told him to fuck off.

I just cleaned the kitchen while a load of laundry is in, now I'm having a beer and blogging all about it. I may take a short nap with Rocky in a few minutes before I head downtown to have dinner with new friends (also recent NYC refugees).

My evenings generally wrap up with me sitting in the hot tub for 20-30 minutes sipping a beer, then I relax in my mom's Sharper Image massage chair for another half hour or so, and then stumble half awake into bed, nestled in between the two cats.

Rinse, repeat.

Welcome to being unemployed in suburbia. If I make it to heaven, I hope it's something like this (except hopefully I won't be alone in the hot tub, unless I want to be).


Jeremiah said...

Hey Andy

So I guess you are happier there than in NYC!!! Great to hear you are doing well.

Keep us informed. You know you have loyal readers when we request updates frequently.

Cheers from Montreal

Jade said...

You ever watch "Friends"? Your post reminds me of Phoebe's song...

"Lather rinse repeat and
lather rinse repeat and
lather rinse repeat.........

as needed."


The squirrel was probably an eastern grey squirrel, they aren't from around these parts so that may explain the rudeness. Douglas squirrels are quite polite, and much cuter.

Andy said...

probably an eastern grey squirrel

Ah. You mean another ex-New Yorker who moved out here for the trees. Figures.

No, I don't watch friends. Like Seinfeld, I always thought it was lame. Abandon my blog, if you must. Or just yell at me like the squirrel.

K-Lyn said...

The squirrel was probably just tired of nuts and longs for a grapefruit.

I'd gladly trade you my job for your suburban bliss. At least for a while! Enjoy it and I hope the perfect job comes along just when you get restless.

Anthony said...

Don't get me going on grey squirrels - nasty imports to these fair shores (the UK) from across the pond. It's a rare treat to see a red one these days ...

(Bet you never expected discussions about wildlife on your blog!)

Gino said...

grey squirrels are rude, and can 'pack up' like wild dogs if they want to.
i been run out of many a tree (while deer huntin) by squirrel packs who can get really nasty and start throwing things down at/on you.
its the damndest thing i ever experienced, outdoorwise.

hey, enjoy the life while its there.
(and i also never liked sienfeld or friends.)

DJRainDog said...

I liked Friends just because it was so damned dirty sometimes, but I never enjoyed an episode of Seinfeld. I have also never used such a terrifyingly oxymoronic phrase as "suburban bliss". I had a mild claustrophobic panic attack while reading this entry. But if you think you're happy, then you're happy, and I suppose I rejoice! ;-)

Crash said...

The times the Greenpeace people tried to roll me back in the water, I found them to be very reasonable once I explained that I'm not actually a marine mammal.

Plus, they gave me chum.

Jade said...

:) To each his own, I wouldn't abandon you for your choices in television.

Gino - sounds like some nasty squirrles. The ones in my yard fight with each other, and enjoy digging up my neighbor's bulbs and playing catch with them.