Monday, May 28, 2007

Sunday Photo Blogging

I took a bunch of pictures of the new apartment, but left the cable that connects the camera to the computer at my mom's house. Oops. Stay tuned.

I love my new home. It is sooooo quiet. I hear the wind in the giant pine trees outside the living room (they must be 50 feet tall, at least), all kinds of birdsong, my windchime on the patio, and the distant drone of a lawnmower.

Today is dedicated to being lazy. After the last couple of weeks of running around like some kind of crazy gay guy with a new apartment and no furniture, I reserved today to NOT THINK ABOUT EVERYTHING I STILL HAVE TO DO. Instead I slept in, then did some yoga, walked to the nearby market to get some coffee (ulterior motive: there's a very cute checker), and finally caught up on my blogreading.


Yesterday I finally had my cable set up, so I'm able to access the internet from home again. The "window" that Comcast gave me was between 12-2. My installer first arrived at 5:45 and then realized he'd forgotten to bring the DVR, so he went away and came back an hour later and finished up at 7:30. I missed my nephew's birthday party. On the plus side, he was wicked hot, so on the customer satisfaction sheet I checked "yes" under "Did the installer arrive on time?" and tipped him $10.

So now as part of my dedicated Day of Laziness, I'm going to watch something on my brand-spanking new 26 inch hi-def television before I head off to an afternoon barbecue with some friends who live in Portland's hip new DUFBO district. (It's not really called that, they just live in a super-swank townhouse under the Fremont Bridge.)


Since she doesn't have a blog of her own, I wanted to give an E-shout-out to frequent commenter KR, and to congratulate her on the birth of her son!


Gino said...


~N said...

A wicked-hot Comcast guy installed my connection last year (and we dated very briefly). So, I'm dying to know, what was his name?

Jade said...

Congrats to KR!

Andy - those look like fir trees, not pine trees.

Andy said...

Hey, I lived in New York city for over 13 years. You're lucky I know what a tree is. : P

Jade said...

I was only outside of the Northwest for 4 years, and I got myself smacked down by a local for complaining about all the pine needles in my house.
"Gee, you must have some pretty powerful winds to be blowing pine needles on your property since you actually have fir trees!!" :)

kr said...

Andy, Gino, Jade (and Elizabeth, offline): thanks :).