Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Ecce Cordo

The power cord arrived today for the printer. I wish they'd said "It will probably be there tomorrow," rather than "It's scheduled for delivery on Friday." I'd have had less of a snit.

At any rate, I'd already emailed the resume to Kinko's, which is fine, because they can print it out on nice bond paper.

The printer seems to work great! And, I sent in my first resume and cover letter this morning. Whoo!

Here endeth the least interesting post I've ever written.


Trickish Knave said...

Hang in there, Andy. I know that sounds almost cliche but I have no doubt you'll find something to do for a new job.

I'm retiring from the Navy in 3 months so I know your job hunt plight all too well.

Jess said...

I found this post fascinating! Any glimpse into a foreign, primitive culture (where did you move? I know it was somewhere far away and exotic!) is fascinating. ;)

kr said...

The shifting blog-subtitles are fascinating ;).

Mark said...

Hey... are you going to sing at all? Why not audition for Portland Bach Society? I can think of at least 4 more organizations that you can audition for that you can at least keep your vocal chops in shape... Or do you want to stop completely?


Anthony said...

Didn't you post something about deodorants some time back?

jason b said...

glad things are lookin up baby! just hang in there, i'm sure it'll take some time to adjust :)

meanwhile, i'm a big interview tard, i didn't even realize people sent paper resumes anymore? d'oh.


Hot Toddy said...

Jess, I'm glad to see you are interested in our culture. We do not have power cords in Oregon. No cords of any kind are allowed in our state because they are not biodegradable.