Monday, April 30, 2007

The Good and the Bad

Well, it's sunny and there's lots of pretty flowers and the cats are adjusting. Okay, Starbuck needed no adjustment. She has assumed alpha-cat status for the household. Rocky is acclimating a little more slowly, but is beginning to be his old self again.

I opened a new local bank account.

Other than that, right now I'm frustrated. This new Mac I bought came with an HP printer, but I never set it up in the New York apartment. I didn't really need it, since I could print things at work. I did open it up to make sure all the parts were there and everything.

This morning I officially unpacked it, so I could start printing out resumes to go on interviews. Everything seems fine, except they included the wrong power cord. I don't know how that's even possible, but the end of the cord with the little holes in it definitely does not match the prongs on the adapter that are supposed to go into them. A quick phonecall to HP customer service resolved the issue: they're sending out a new power cord which will be here Friday.

I thought, "Eh, no problem, I can print off my stepfather's laptop." So I emailed the resume to myself and opened it up via Internet Explorer. Unfortunately, my stepfather doesn't have Microsoft Word, he has some other imitation program, and so when I opened up the resume, the header and footer were missing, my fancy bullet points had turned into numbers, the fonts had changed, and the margins were all wrong.

So, presently I'm going to try to open it up on my mother's computer, but it's 10 years old and on Windows 98 (long story...) and I'm not sure that her version of Word will be able to open my resume correctly, either. I may have to go to Kinko's or something.

I am ready to start interviewing NOW, but all my dress shirts are at the cleaners (they've been in a suitcase for a week, and of course the cats were in and out of the suitcases while I was packing), my shoes are being professionally polished, and I have no hard copies of my resume. I guess I can relax; I'm not in imminent danger of being penniless, but I am really interested in having some income so that I can get my new apartment and start having a life.


Matthew said...

Computer problems are highly annoying. Still, a brief delay is not that significant in the grander scheme. If you are really eager though, doesn't kinkos have an online print function?

LeshDogg said...

save your Word doc as a "rich text" format. It will read "resume.rtf" if you do it right. It should then open up in your other computers.

Jade said...

Dang, you are getting right down to it, aren't you? Well if you are that itchy you can just look at jobs online and start sending your resume electronically.

I don't suppose you tried saving the file as a pdf so you can open it in Adobe without changing the format?

Stephanie said...

Wouldn't it work if you saved it as a PDF and then either a) email the PDF to yourself and open it on your step-dad's computer or b) save the PDF onto a disc or memory stick and open it on your s.d.'s computer?

Jeremiah said...

Copy files onto a disk...

Travel to your local kinkos, library or web mail center, print off resumes there instead of all this crazy stuff..

Sometimes the right thing and the easy thing are one in the same.


Glenn said...

You can also print/save it in PDF form as a way to make it work on most computers.