Thursday, April 26, 2007

Day Five: Billings, Montana to Spokane, Washington - 544 miles

Each day has been progressively spectacular; as beautiful as everything has been so far, Montana takes the prize. Holy cow. I see what they mean when they call it "Big Sky Country." For someone who has been yearning for some time now to find himself out in some wide open spaces, Montana delivers, in a huge way. I was lucky also to have continued wonderful weather.

So, we're now in Spokane, back in Pacific Time. Tomorrow is the final leg of our cross-country odyssey, about 350 miles. I am exhausted and there aren't any real stories to tell from today, so I'll just let these pictures do the talking.


Marc said...

See? What'd I tell ya? It is pretty. Wouldn't want to live there, but it is spectacularly beautiful. Tomorrow's the big day! Have a great drive on in. Glad that everything is going so well and the cats are content.

Brechi said...

Wow...montana does look pretty spectacular. I'm glad to see the trip is going well :)

Jeremiah said...

The mountains are spectacular. The wide open spaces of Montana are great, so much different from the concrete canyons of the big city.

Almost there mt friend...


Silus Grok said...

Welcome to my home town, Andy... lovely part of the world.

If you're pulling through the Columbia Gorge 'round about supper, I'd suggest Hood River — that town is just sick with nice restaurants.

: )

Also, for picture-taking goodness, you can't beat the Stonehenge at Sam Hill (from which we get the phrase "what in Sam Hill are you doing?") at sunset.

I took this picture and this picture there (among others), and here's a map to that location — which is on the road to Portland.

Jade said...

Welcome back to the west, can't wait to see you in person sometime!

Mark said...

I just spent my entire winter in Seattle and saw nothing but rain and was miserable. Of course, that is better than winter in Chicago where I missed about 2 feet of snow! The pics are gorgeous. I must admit, a gorgeous view of Mount Ranier was outside my bedroom window, I do miss that. Hopefully I will be near you soon. We must go have marguaritas!
xx Mark