Saturday, April 28, 2007

Welcome to Loserhood

Okay, well, now that the transcontinental adventure is over, it's time to face facts. I'm 32, unemployed and living with my parents.

Oh, God.


little-cicero said...

Sounds negative. You could use a motivational speaker right now.

Quinn said...

It's all a matter of spin. You're between jobs, you're visiting your parents, and you make 32 look good.

Silus Grok said...

You're 32 and staying with your parents.

It's not living for another 2 or 3 weeks.

So you're just at the _cusp_ of loserhood, sweetie.

: )

DJRainDog said...

Remember: This was a choice. You chose. You've chosen to return to Square One to get some rest and look at The Path. It's not like you were fired and found yourself broke and got evicted.

Andy said...

LC: I know what I need. "Motivational Speaker" might be a good euphemism for it, if you catch my drift.

DJ: Yes, it was a choice. I'm okay with it. I'm just thinking it's not a very impressive setup for meeting guys. I think I have to work the "choice" angle when I describe it. It still sounds kind of pathetic. The job search starts in earnest soon.

I hope everyone gets it like Silus does.

But also, I really don't want to stay here very long. My mom's house is pretty cramped, anyway, and right now I'm climbing over boxes to get into bed and I can't really "unpack" the suitcases, because there's very little room to put anything. So, that's a major motivational factor toward getting a job and a home pronto.

But yes, I could also use some serious "motivational speaking," if y'all catch my drift. : )

little-cicero said...

Oh, you mean a night on the couch with a box of bon-bons and Pat Robertson on the tube bringing comfort to your soul and information to your mind?

I think we're on the same wavelength here.

little-cicero said...

Hey, we all need to splurge every once in a while! (spiritually speaking, that is)

Jere said...

Could have been a van down by the river. ;)

kr said...

You always have the "working for the premier gay rights organization in America didn't pay much" angle. I'd think that would play well ... and providelots of conversational fodder that was un-parents'-house-related ;).

Hope to see you soon :).

Gary said...

I couldn't help but be reminded of a stand-up piece Bill Cosby did a while back. I know this isn't word-for-word but here goes. He says, "parents: don't get all excited when your kids graduate high school and move out.... cause, they're coming back."


David in KC said...

quinn - agreed, Andy is a handsome lad. But making 32 look good? WTF? Everyone who's 32 looks good (at least from the vantage point of a 62 year old).

Brechi said...

Don't worry, we all go though transitions at different times. You don't to meet any guys yet. Just focus on yourself and take things one day at a time.

Jeff said...

Just take things one step at a time. You've already taken the first step - beginning a new journey in your life. You're in a transitional period. You might not find romance right away, but at the very least you'll make some new friends, and new friends won't care about your living situation because they won't be evaluating you in that way.

Excitement awaits! And we miss you.

The Law Fairy said...

FWIW, Andy, one of my best friends at work (also 32) lived with her parents until recently -- basically it was just plain more cost-effective for her to do so. She got along fine with the parents, they had a very live-and-let-live relationships, and she was saving some money to help buy her house. Now that's just downright smart.

And it didn't hurt her chances of meeting people either. She met her now-boyfriend/fiance while she was living with her parents and didn't move out until the two of them bought a house together. So, definitely play up the choice/smart saving plan :)

Gino said...

my best friend is 43 next month, an engineer with boeing for 23 yrs, and still lives with his folks.

his two younger bros didnt move out til they got married, into their 30's. and they are both educated professionals like him (and engineer, and business adminstrator)

Matthew said...

Well, I'm glad you and the cats made it across the country safely, Andy. :-)

It's way to early to start knocking yourself, btw. Just relax for a little while, and then hit the ground running.

Take care.

Crash said...

At least you aren't dressing up in a Star Trek uniform and teaching yourself Klingon.

You aren't, are you?

kr said...

hey, now, Portlanders aren't THAT weird.

not ALL of us.

Just because our hospitals have in fact made efforts to acquire fluent Klingon speakers for emergency translations does not mean it's EVERYONE ;). (Apparently they have had some mental health cases who showed up speaking Klingon at some point ... luckily in every case they were able to get the person to use a more common language, but they would prefer to not take chances ... .)

Jess said...

It's no big deal, Andy. You're being practical. You do what you have to do, in order to reach future goals!

DJRainDog said...

Andy: Prioritiies!
1) Job.
2) Domicile.
3) Nookie.
Even _I_ put sex on hold when I'm not in a position to present myself well. Um...I mean...You know what I mean.