Thursday, April 19, 2007

Slight Change of Plans

Okay, so last night wasn't my last night in the apartment. After talking to the vet today about Rocky's freakout, I decided that with all the change going on, me being gone for a whole night right now might make things worse. The mattress went away today, so I'm sleeping on a pile of quilts on the box spring. Rocky is definitely coming around, but still easily spooked. Poor guy. I did acquire some cat valium for the trip, just in case.

We're getting there. I see light at the end of the tunnel -- or, more precisely, the living room floor is starting to reappear. Tomorrow most of the rest of the furniture is going away.


This afternoon I grabbed a quick pizza lunch with a friend who came by to acquire my DVD player and some books. He was going to take some bookcases because he currently lives nearby, but has decided to move again so he's not taking on more furniture just now. He rented a room from a lady who never walks her dog, she just leaves newspapers out for him to pee and poop on. "And," said my friend, "the ironic thing is, do you know what she does for a living?"

"No...," I said.

"She's a professional dog walker."


I did get my last piece of mail at this address today. The forwarding order kicks in tomorrow. I received confirmation from the post office; the last line of the letter says, "If you do not speak English or you do not understand this letter, please take it with you to your local post office for assistance."

I mean, if you can't understand English, how helpful is that? (Probably just as helpful as the folks at the post office to whom the reader is referred.) It reminds me of the old Looney Toons cartoon with the eye test where the text gets progressively smaller and the punch line is, "If you can read are Chinese."


David in KC said...

Andy - go read GayProf's experience with cat-moving. A rather cautionary tale.

Andy said...

Oooohhhh...I'm not sure I can handle cautionary tales right now. : (