Monday, April 09, 2007

More playing

The new camera has a "candlelight" setting.

On Saturday, after attending the morning Liturgy of the Word at my church, I met up with a close old friend who lives out on Long Island, whom I rarely have a chance to see. We went to the Metropolitan Museum of Art for a while, then went and had lunch and cocktails and caught up on the events of the past couple of years.

He went back to the Isle of Length around 5:00; the Great Easter Vigil at my church began at 7:00. Two hours wasn't enough time to go home, clean up and get back to church, but it was waayyyy too much time to kill wandering around the City in 30 degree gloomy gray weather, plus I was exhausted from the museum. So...I flaked out and went home and held my own Easter vigil with this little makeshift altar. Actually, it was kind of nice.


Jeremiah said...

And in our own ways, with our own personal sacred spaces, come in closer contact to the God of our understanding.

I have one too. I stayed in this weekend and had my own ritual watching Cecil B. DeMille over the weekend.

Sweet and Sacred...
Just as it should be...


Jade said...

Hee hee, the Isle of Length. Took me a second reading for that to sink in.

Nice low light... gotta love grain for the pensive effect.