Wednesday, April 18, 2007

A Fabulous Night on the Town

My awesome friend Audrey, whom I've known since I was 11 (when we shared the marquee as the White Rabbit and the Narrator in our 6th grade production of Alice in Wonderland), is in town for business this week from L.A. Coincidentally, her younger sister Renee was also in from D.C. for a meeting, so we all went for dinner at a chic SoHo restaurant on Sullivan between Prince and Spring.

I snapped the above photo from the cab as we passed through Times Square.

After our fantastic meal, I uncharacteristically declined the offer to share a cab and instead walked up 6th Avenue a little ways.

I don't know whether the Grey Goose went to my head or what, but I'm still having trouble believing I turned down a cab in favor of a ride on the A train, late enough in the evening that it was making all local stops. I don't know how long it took me to get home, I wasn't really looking at my watch, but it must have been well over an hour; the Empire State Building's lights go off promptly at midnight, and I didn't get home until after 1.

Things were fine up to about 125th Street, then we sat in the tunnel for an age and a half, and slowly inched our way up to 145th, where for some reason we ended up downstairs on the D platform. Then we sat, and sat some more. (That's the last time I turn down a cab ride. Actually, come to think of it, it probably really is the last time.) Eventually there was a completely inscrutable announcement, general confusion and consternation, and everyone got off the train. Apparently there was some problem with the switch further up the track, so there was no more A train for the night. Swell. I went up and found a gypsy cab and collapsed into bed.

Then I woke up at 4:30, panicking about everything I have left to do. I am still hoping to find time to go out into the city before I leave and just walk around and enjoy myself a bit, but I just feel so overwhelmed right now. I've been packing and cleaning and chucking for four days now and while progress is obvious, there's still so much left. I decided that rather than lie in bed and have palpitations I should probably get up and do something productive.

And finally, a gratuitous cat picture.


kr said...

OK, Andy, it is killing me.

Homosexual Agenda blah blah blah, but what did any cat ever do to deserve a pink collar?

Andy said...

Darling, it's pink with rhinestones. I'll try to get a better photo of it. It's my homage to this.