Tuesday, April 10, 2007

More Playing: Zoom!

The sun came out today, though it's still unseasonably cold (it was 34 this morning). On my lunch hour I ran around taking some photographs of things I'd like to remember; this is a little square just off Water Street below Wall Street. Interesting assortment of architectural styles downtown. Being the very oldest part of the city, this area has several buildings dating back to the colonial era.

This is Battery Park, where the boats leave for the Statue of Liberty; the office towers in the back are actually in Jersey City, NJ.

On the left is of course the Statue of Liberty -- I have to say, I will miss being able to just stroll down to look at her on my lunch break -- with Ellis Island on the right.

The Queen Mary 2 was in town today, docked at her berth in Brooklyn. This is the view from the accountant's office at work; you can see the QM2 in the far right of the photo. The Wall Street Ferry dock is at the bottom.

And this is how close I was able to zoom in:

Here's a shot of the full vessel.


Jade said...

My what a big zoom you have :)

That first shot is great, the layers of architecture make it look like a montage over time.

Gino said...

that is a killer zoom!

Anthony said...

Permit me a vaguely patronising we-have-much-older-buildings sort of look ...

I sympathise though. Leaving your home of the last x years is bound to bring out the nostalgic in anyone.

DJRainDog said...

You actually LIKE the Statue of Liberty? I mean, yes, she's quite BIG and IMPRESSIVE, but aesthetically, I've always found her sort-of ho-hum. :-\

Andy said...

Actually, she's not really that big, but I am sentimental about what she represents. Also, we don't have one in Oregon.