Wednesday, April 18, 2007

The Last Night

Tonight is the last night that I will spend in this apartment, which has been my home since June of 1996. President Clinton was in his first term. I barely believe it. My sofa bed went away on Monday and my bed is leaving tomorrow, so after that there won't be anything soft to sleep on. The Fabulous Jackass, who conveniently lives just six blocks away, has graciously offered his sofa for my last three nights in the city. There's still a lot of packing and cleaning to do -- however, we're getting there! -- so I'll go down late each night and come back in the morning and go back to work.

I love my cats. (You're shocked, I know.) They play hide and seek in the pile of boxes, and take turns being "it." Seriously. See the photos below.

Okay, now for less good stuff. I have bad luck with air conditioners, apparently. I got my first air conditioner in the spring of 2002. (Yes, I lived through New York summers with just fans and fortitude for 8 years.) That winter, I decided I should bring the air conditioner inside. Well, I'm not very skilled with air conditioners, so I went to take it out of the window, and this was the result:

Oopsie. Thank God my living room window is over my building's lobby; if it had been over the sidewalk, like most New York apartments, I damn well might have killed someone.* That thought still haunts me. So this time I paid the super $20 to uninstall it for me. (And I've sold it for $35. Net profit: $15. Whoo! )

When my super arrived, I went to put the cats in the bathroom, since the living room window would be open (I'm on the third floor, which is actually the fourth floor). Well...I'm not sure what happened, whether Rocky doesn't like the super or whether there's just been altogether too much coming and going of people lately, but the poor cat FLIPPED OUT. He positively flew around the apartment making this hideous howling noise. I mean, he was truly in a panic. I've never seen him do anything like that. I only managed to get a hold of him when his collar caught on part of the vacuum cleaner. I managed to get him into the bathroom, but he exacted his pound of flesh. Rather literally.

He seems to be okay now. Still, I think he'll be living in the bathroom tomorrow, since I have three different appointments with people coming into the apartment to take stuff away. I'll just put him in there in the morning and leave him there.

For KR, here's a close-up of Starbuck's collar.

**IMPORTANT** TimeWarner is coming tomorrow morning to take away my cable box and modem, so if I can't manage to find a wireless signal, I won't have internet access during the day. I'll be able to check in at night down at the Jackass' place.

* Extra credit reading: there is a funny story out of it. Shortly thereafter I found myself in line at the grocery store -- or, "on line," as New Yorkers say -- behind one of the building busybodies, who was telling me all the latest gossip. I wasn't really paying attention, until she said, "...and then some idiot just threw his air conditioner right out the window, and it's just sitting there in front of my living room. I tell you, the people in our building are no good." I just nodded my assent.


Matthew said...

1996? Wow, that's a long time, Andy.

I'm proud of you for being able to make such a major life change. Good luck with the trip, and let us know that you've made it across the country ok.

Take care.

Oh, and give the cats a pet for me. ;-)

Jade said...

Oohhh, I dig the collar! And KR - hey at least the pink collar is on the girl cat!

kr said...

But the cat is hardly a _blonde_!

To really Wear ("girl, you are WEARING that hat!") a collar like that, the cat should be blonde or goth ... I like what I've seen of Starbuck's catitude, but it doesn't seem a pink-with-rhinestones kind of catitude. Starbuck is just too busy being herself to work the collar. One has to commit to this type of clothing item.

Actually, I'd have an easier time if it was on the boycat. Then it would provide counterpoint. (Rocky, the metrosexual cat. It could work ;).)

Not that my opinion has anything to do with Andy's reality.

But maybe once she gets here I'll have a talk with her about living up to the collar ;). It is, of itself, a very cool collar :).