Saturday, April 14, 2007

This Just In: Portland is Cool

I'm starting to get ready for the gala farewell bash I'm throwing for myself at a bar in Hell's Kitchen tonight, and I sat down to check email and peruse the latest news, since I've spent the entire day packing, organizing and throwing things out. I clicked over to The New York Times, and noticed that right now the #1 emailed Times article is a travel review called "36 Hours in Portland, Ore".

The verdict?

"Truth is, Portland doesn't want to be Seattle, its highly caffeinated neighbor to the north. With less traffic, better public transportation and Mount Hood in its backyard, this self-styled City of Roses doesn't stand in anybody's shadow. Its vibrant downtown overflows with urban pleasures like chic restaurants, funky nightclubs and spritely neighborhoods crackling with youthful energy, but nobody's boasting. That's another nice thing about Portland."

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Jade said...

Portland also has the most strip clubs per capita than any other large city in the United States.