Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Rocky Makes a Friend

Rocky with Agnes Day, the Easter lamb.


Andy said...

I sent the 2nd photo in to Stuff on My Cat, but the website says due to the huge volume of submissions, photos may not appear for 4-6 weeks. : (

little-cicero said...

I remember a while ago getting in trouble for spelling "Opus Day"

Ah, memories.

Is Agnus Dei your favorite movement of Rutter's Requiem or something? That has a note that I was always determined to reach but was not secure enough for performance- only with voice teacher. I think it was a high E flat.

Are you a baritone?

Andy said...

Yes, I am a baritone. "Agnes Day" is a pun, dear. A bad one, but there it is.

I actually don't know Rutter's Requiem. I think my favorite Agnus Dei is Mozart's c-minor mass.

Dagon said...

I can't believe you wasted such a brilliant drag name on a stuffed animal!

DJRainDog said...

l-c: Opus Dei members disturb me. Also, Rutter's Requiem is utter shite. Go listen to Faure, Durufle, Mozart, Brahms, Howells. Weep openly.

kr said...

DJR--yikes, feeling a bit bitchy today? I don't recall LC being particularly pro- or anti- Opus Dei ... and as for musical tastes, I am the last person who has any idea, but he is only 18 ... the Easter Season is a season of mercy also ;).