Sunday, April 22, 2007

The First Day: We're Off

I can hardly believe the day has come.

I had hoped to write something profound as this chapter (or, more accurately, volume) of my life comes to a close, but I am altogether too addlepated at the moment. I just want to say, as I look back on more than thirteen years of life in New York, that the overwhelming feeling is one of immense gratitude. Yes, there has been a lot of pain and sorrow and frustration and loneliness and anxiety and disappointment, but in a way I'm grateful for all of that, too. These years have been rich and meaningful. I am so lucky. I will treasure and share these memories all my life.

Here's the schedule for the day: right now I'm off to the church I've been attending, St. Bart's on Park Avenue, for one last service. I only found St. Bart's within the last year, but it is an amazing place and it was a major factor that had to be weighed in the decision to leave New York. In addition to the gorgeous building, it has a vibrant, diverse, enthusiastic and welcoming congregation, and certainly the most fantastic clergy team I have ever encountered. I have made some great friends there and learned tons, but it was actually through some of the classes I took there that I discerned that New York itself is at the heart of what has been bothering me and that it was time to move on.

Conveniently the rental car place is one block from my church (purely coincidental). Let's all hope I get the minivan I requested, otherwise the purge of my possessions is going to be more dramatic than I'd like to think about right now. Can I tell you, I am far more worried about the drive from East 50th to Washington Heights than I am about the 2994 miles to Oregon? Driving in this city scares me.

Around one, some generous friends are coming over to help me clear out the apartment and load the fan. Everything is pretty much ready, so I hope we can do this in about an hour. I am aiming to be on the road between 2 and 3 o'clock, and plan to drive only as far as western Pennsylvania today, about four or five hours.

It is highly doubtful that I will be able to get online again today until I get to the hotel tonight. Wish us luck!


Quinn said...

Safe travels to you and your feline companions.

Jeff said...

Andy, I'll miss you. Best of luck as you begin this brand new chapter of your life. Years from now, this blog will be a great record of everything, assuming the Internet still exists.

Bon voyage!

Jeremiah said...

I've driven across country. Remember to always check your mirrors. Know the drive you are going to make before you set on the road each day (Read: review your plan each night)

The cats will adapt. Mine did. Relax and remember to breathe.

Safe journey

The Law Fairy said...

Good luck and safe and happy travels!

Silus Grok said...

Bon Voyage, Andy... can't wait to read stories and see pix!

Matthew said...

Good Luck!