Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Fan Mail!

Mr. Andy, soumds like to me you need to get born-again, saved, accept Jesus Christ as your Savior. Your comments about Hal. Lindsey are was out of line, and I sure dont appreciate them at all. I think he is one of the most God led men in the last days that we are living that the Lord has called out to help mankind understand the Bible and prophecy. You sir are a jerk. I will not allow you s--- th go any further on my computer ever again, I dont like you, however I will pray for your soul, you just might get left behind as Mr. L, and the rest of us are raptures out of this wicked and sinful peoples world. GoodbyS.S


Silus Grok said...

* shakes head *

Jarred said...

soumds like to me you need to get born-again, saved, accept Jesus Christ as your Savior.

Okay, maybe I'm just really rusty on my Christian theology, but aren't those three things the same thing? I mean, talk about unnecessarily repetitive redundancy. ;)

Jeff said...

I'm guessing the writer isn't a native English speaker. Or is drunk.

And I'm not sure what "s-- th" means. I thought maybe he was calling you a Dark Lord of the Sith.

Neel Mehta said...

I will not allow you s--- th go any further

Judging from the impeccable grammar and spelling elsewhere in this message, the writer probably meant:

I will not allow your s--- to go any further

And by the way, wow. Thank Christ I'm a Hindu.

Gino said...

i tried like hell to get hate mail.
all to no avail.
what i gotta do, turn gay?

congrats andy.
i'm envious.

Elizabeth said...

Hey, you must be doing something right! They're noticing you!

I've gotten hate comments on my blog. I'm not gay, but I'm
a.a priest's wife
b. fat
c. a free-thinker
d. liberal
the list goes on. These are just some of the things I've been attacked for!

kr said...

Oy. Where have you been hanging out? (Probably I don't really want to know.)

Jere said...

I agree with Jeff that the writer is most likely not a native English speaker. In Eastern Europe, I believe it's a common form of respect to address someone by attaching Mr. to their first name, similar to our custom of doing exactly the opposite.

Andy said...

I disagree. I'm pretty sure this person is an American. Shall I email her back and find out?

Andy said...

And furthermore...the reason I'm confident of that assumption is that a) most foreigners who use the internet speak BETTER English than that and b) ONLY AMERICANS are caught up in this End Times nonsense.

Rita Gorr said...

Why can't this rapture thing happen soon so all the nutters can clear out?

sattvicwarrior said...

why is it when PEOPLE who are BORN again STILL dont get a " fashion sesne"? they all look lie something [ spiritually ]outta a trailer park.

Matthew said...

It's true, that whole rapture/end times thing is pretty much an American construction.

Musicguy said...


I never get any fun fan mail. So. Not. Fair.