Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Reasons to be Scared

Yesterday I had the TV on in the exercise room while I was working out. The local weather report on Channel 6 isn't called a "forecast," it's the Raincast. (The prediction is for showers, with a chance of clearing in late May.)

* * * * *

Last night I had this incredibly vivid dream that I was dating Seth Rogen. He took me to the Tony Awards. His favorite drink was grape soda mixed with merlot.


Jade said...

Welcome back to the PNW Andy... get yourself a kick-ass trench coat :)

Elizabeth said...

Oh, no no. This weekend is supposed to be non-rainy. Too much to ask for actual *sun*, but it's Greek festival weekend and it's not to rain. At least not too much. :-P

Grape soda and merlot. Way to ruin both drinks!

Gino said...

what's that?

and i think you can do better looking than seth rogan. (unless you're just in it for his money.)

SMB said...

i do <3 me some seth rogen. forreals.

Matthew said...

Grape soda and Merlot? Was this sufficient for you to dump him in your dream?