Thursday, October 04, 2007

Release Party!

Yesterday was the official publication of the new book, What Pets Do While You're at Work, by my friends Jason Bergund and Bev West, which features my darling Starbuck on page 62. As soon as I got it home, Starbuck tore right into it.

Naturally it called for a huge celebration.

Rocky greeted guests at the door to make sure everyone had a complimentary copy and a bottle of champagne. Everyone who's anyone in Raleigh Hills -- including Rocky, Starbuck and myself -- attended what was definitely the most sophisticated party this place has seen in a long time.

Starbuck discovers the joy of curling up with a good book. Then she discovered that Jason thought she was a boy and wouldn't let me take any more pictures.

Here's Rocky just chilling at the party. (That blue thing is a toy that "grandma" got him, it has a gyroscope inside and it rolls all over the place with cats in tow.)

Unfortunately, the party didn't end too well. Rocky finally got through the whole thing and realized there's no picture of him in there, only Starbuck. He was so depressed, even Mr. Shoelace couldn't cheer him up.


Gino said...

hey, i gotta get one of those blue ball things.
can you send me a link to where they are.

Jade said...

I hope you sent a picture of your cat eating the "what pets do" book... it's like a little one-cat protest.