Sunday, August 07, 2005

Best Spam Ever

I found this in my in-box tonight and had to open it because the subject heading read:

Awkwardly the colossal ocean between a broken closet look behind the farm

Well, I just had to know what that was about. So I opened it up and was disappointed to read,

"Refinance Today Get A Free Quote Save Thousands"

That wasn't very interesting. But...the words were all spaced out at random intervals, and as I looked closely, I could just barely make out more text in the faintest of grey fonts. Hmmm. So I clicked and dragged the cursor over the email and highlighted everything, just like those coloring books where you used to have to scribble that funny white no-ink pen over the page in order to make the picture appear. And then, voila. Some truly outstanding prose.

The dirty sports between the restaurant listen the bumpy and cuddly bedroom. drowsy Refinance eel Today facilitates Save foundry Thousands nucleic The broken and miniature library change. workman Get larval a aberration Free grocer Quote begs Now affront The curly veterinarian about the cuddly and damp doctor equally bring the little and giant sports. Fatally the frontyard beneath a great castle ask the cuddly farm behind the dusty bedroom doubtfully. The chilly sports about a damp mall count the museums. Briefly a little mall at the creepy grocery annually cut the fat mall before the bumpy closet. tortuous

I mean, aside from slight overkill on the word "cuddly," this is brilliant. I'm going to start reading all my spam!


Jess said...

Someone needs to get out of the house a bit more! ;)

Andy said...

It's true, I did spend the entire weekend at home.