Friday, July 14, 2006

Technical Difficulties

For two days now, I've had no internet access at home because of problems with the cable. I can't even get through to TimeWarner customer service, so I'm sure there are many, many New Yorkers on the line, most of whom are much better at telling people off than I am.

Anyway, to my personal friends and family: if I don't answer emails this weekend, it's because I can't get to them.

Blogging may be light or non-existent.


For those of you who remember the really great blog "Matthew in Beirut," which is now defunct because of work-related security concerns, please keep the author and his family in your prayers because they are still in Beirut.

And, just because I'm selfish that way, I could also use happy thoughts right now.

Thank you.


little-cicero said...

So you're not going to leave the blog in my hands while you're gone?

Jarred said...

I hope things get sorted soon.

Matthew said...

Thanks for that Andy, that's really nice of you.

Future Geek said...

You're not mad cause I threatened to take you off my blogroll over that diet coke thing are you?

Andy, your blog is consistently funny, interesting, and enlightening to me and a bunch of other people, so I'm sending you all the happy thoughts I can.

Anonymous said...

Sending you happy thoughts! I second future geek. Your blog is one of the best out there. It makes me laugh, cry and think in turns.


little-cicero said...

FG, you miss the point in your taking sides amid the cola war. Why would you defend Diet Coke or Diet Pepsi? Everyone wit a brain knows that Diet Rite is better than any other diet colas out there!

Future Geek said...

LC, that might be true in some theoretical fantasy land, but in the real world, there are only two real choices. A drink of Diet Rite is a drink against the "choice of a new generation", kiddo.

kr pdx said...

Ah, now, see, I was hoping a Don't Ask Don't Tell policy might apply to cola choices, lest we all lose respect for each other. I suppose it is appropriate that a homosexually-concerned blog would burst my deliberate choice for ignorance on this divisive moral issue, as homosexuals burst the societal comfort-bubble on sex in the military ;).

I guess now we get to see whether we are all as tolerant as we like to think we are!

Do you all seriously drink diet drinks? Eeeeeew.

Nutrasweet tastes like plastic. And FG, I expected more naturalistic(/environmentally pure) choices from you.

(I am being of course (somewhat: diet drinks? really??) ironic, as one of the few non-certified-organic products in my house is USA-recipe Classic Coke, made with that most evil of environmental and dietary products, cornsyrup :P. But I'm trying to cut back ;). )

kr pdx said...

(And I am not being a heartless bitch and ignoring Andy's plea; I generally send him good feelings the old-fashioned way: over email--and via that Jesus guy we both hang out with. But Matthew, I have sent some prayers your way as well :(. )

little-cicero said...

The reason behind the excellent taste of the current Diet Rite is Splenda sweetner that both major colas have adopted recently in side-products. They have done so for a reason- it tastes better. In a taste test between regular cola and Diet Rite, I have a hard time telling the difference, whereas with Diet Coke or Diet Pepsi, the plasticy taste gives it away. KIDDO!

Oh, by the way, I should probably share condolences with Andy, but I'm sure his cable companies will get off their butts soon. I didn't exactly put you on my prayer list (that would lower the value of a prayer) but certainly Matthew who is possibly going through hell right now has my prayers. Andy, just look at this as a blogging vacation- something which certainly did me a great deal of good last week. Matthew hasn't the luxury of such a vacation, but thank God we're all safe in this country.