Thursday, July 06, 2006

Where's Waldo?

See if you can spot a familiar face! (Photo by The New York Times, accompanying article here; thanks to TinMan for pointing it out to me!) After work tonight, I and hundreds of other New Yorkers, including heterosexual families, politicians and members of the clergy, gathered in Sheridan Square in Greenwich Village, just a drag queen's throw from the historic Stonewall Inn where the movement began, to express our anger at the Court of Appeals' insulting, shameful, disgraceful ruling. It would have been enough for them to have said, "We hold that this decision should be made by the state legislature." I wouldn't have agreed, but I could see it as a reasonable outcome. Not content with that, however, they had to denigrate at length the dignity of families all across the state in brutal idiocy. I will have more to say after I have a chance to digest the details of the ruling further.

Also, if any concerns arise about the preceding post, honestly, I don't mean to insult Little Cicero. But seriously, read the decision. It sounds exactly as if he wrote it.


Jade said...

I haven't read the ruling yet, I just wanted to comment on the photo quick... Nice armpit Andy *grin*

Andy said...

I'm sorry, it was hot out there. : (

little-cicero said...

Don't worry, I'm not easily offended. :)