Monday, July 16, 2007

Bonus: Monday Photo Blogging!

Tonight we had another beautiful sunset. I ran outside to snap a couple of photos, but when I turned around, it seemed a couple of cats were also enjoying the view.

In other news, Rocky is a fruitcake.


Jarred said...

Yes, but we already knew that about Rocky, right?

Dagon said...

You need to have an lolcatz contest for the fruitcake pic.

And where's the angry Theist tirade you promised?

Andy said...

(a)You know, I totally had that lolcatz thought this morning in the shower! I'll open it up.

(b) It's gestating. My temp job is interfering with my ability to blog. Drat!

Luke said... has a "LOLcat buildr" so you can even create the winning entry, no fuss! to brainstorm my caption

David in KC said...

Re Rocky - the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

Luke said...

OK, here's my caption:

muzikal chairz...I win!

I'll put it up on ICHC if no one else challenges this >:D