Sunday, July 15, 2007

Sunday Photo Blogging: [Redacted]

Last weekend, a new friend and I went hiking up near Mt. St. Helens. This trail instantly became one of my all-time favorite places on earth. It follows an unbelievably clear brook along a series of spectacular waterfalls and deep, calm pools. I'm not publishing the location here because I don't want my secret to get out!

This is the first of two big waterfalls you encounter on the trail. This one's about 40 feet high (according to my guidebook -- I can't estimate height/distance for crap) and splashes down in this cool S-shape into an amazingly deep, calm emerald-green pool. When we passed it again on our way back to the car, there was a hot, hunky guy going for a swim. (WHY didn't I take a picture of THAT?)

Look how clear the water is! We both assumed it would be FREEZING (freshly melted snow, after all), otherwise I'm sure we would have attempted a dip. This little pool in the small, rocky gorge looked pretty deep -- I'd say 15 feet, or so. The best adjective I can come up with is inviting.

After about four miles, you finally come to a small gully with this beautiful 50-foot waterfall that splashes down into yet another deep green pool. Most of the trail is easy, but getting to this spot requires scrambling over some rocks and a giant fallen log. It's worth it, though -- my friend and I both said "Wow!" about a million times and then we sat down on some of the boulders at the foot of the falls to rest and eat. We talked for a bit, but eventually our conversation subsided and we just sat in silence and listened to the roar of the water and watched the dragonflies buzz around. We both agreed that we could happily have stayed much longer.


Quinn said...

So if I were to sweet-talk you offline, would you tell me where this is?

Andy said...

Oh...maybe. :)

Elizabeth said...

I think that's where we went....the one time we went to Mount St. Helen's. Can't be too hard to find if we found it! And yeah, I stuck my feet in and the kids got all the way in, and it was very cold, to my recollection.

Jade said...

Ooohhh... pretty! That's one thing I've noticed about Washington (and maybe never paid attention to in Oregon) is the parks and hiking around here are plentiful and incredible.

kr said...

DOH! I step out of town and Quinn beats me to the punch!

I'll promise to only take my kids on a weekday ... ;).

Can you imagine all that water in the winter? I bet the icicles are gorgeous :)!