Friday, July 13, 2007

Random Friday Cat Blogging

I'm stealing an idea from Kevin Drum of The Washington Monthly: Friday Cat Blogging. (Inkblot and Rocky look a lot alike, don't they?)

Here's Rocky sitting in the living room window, enjoying a warm sunny afternoon. I'm biased, of course, but...isn't that a nice view? Okay, sure, the gas meter isn't super pretty. At least they thought to put a bush in front of it. I still think it's an overall improvement.

I have taken to having dinner on my little patio. The days of late have been really hot, but around 9:00 the temperature drops down to about 70 and, since we have no humidity to speak of, it becomes incredibly pleasant just to sit outside. I can't emphasize how QUIET it is here. Right now it's 9:15 on a Friday night (still light out), and the only thing I can hear is the occasional peep of a bird and some meows from the cats on the window sill behind me who say they would really like to come out and join me.

I bring my laptop out and check email and look at job listings, and then relax in the twilight with a glass of wine or two before retiring to bed. Last night I was sitting here when a summer rainstorm came up out of nowhere, and I just sat and listened to the rain, and it wasn't long before the most incredibly wonderful smell came wafting up out of my lawn. The sky lit up with silent summer lightning, and I just sat and sat in the stillness and breathed the nice clean, damp air, and sighed some big sighs.

I know, you're thinking, "Loser, why are you just sitting at home on a summer Friday night?" Well, because it's nice. It's so relaxing. And I'm trying to get people together for a dinner/movie/cocktail excursion tomorrow, so don't worry, I'm not turning into some kind of hermit. Right now I'm debating whether I want to go on another hike tomorrow. It's tempting. (Such hard decisions I face, I know.)


Jade said...

I think your thunder storm from last night paid me a visit up here this morning... I was supposed to work but instead I just sat with my coffee, listened to the thunder and smelled the rain. I *love* the smell of summer rain.

Oh, and Rocky is cute :)

Elizabeth said...

Wasn't that a cool storm? Reminded me of back east in the summertime, actually. I didn't think Portland usually saw rain in July...

Andy said...

We hardly had any rain here, it was just a little sprinkle -- enough to make a pleasant pitter-pat and to make everything smell all wonderfully fresh. It wasn't anything like the big summer storms in NY: I used to put on my swim trunks and flip flops and stand outside my building in the torrential, warm downpours. The volume of water was unbelievable -- better than my shower!

Luke said...

I had a similar Friday night here in the NC.

Very quiet. In the 90's until 9PM when it dips down to the 70s.

We DO have humidity here (boy do we!) but I like it. But, alas, native New Yorker that I am, the stillness of the evening bored me and I couldn't get to sleep until 4AM. I guess I need the white noise.