Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Last night I had this really disturbing dream where my tongue was growing longer and longer, and I could no longer contain it in my mouth. It was starting to pop my teeth out from behind.

So, I did what anyone else with a previously unheard of medical condition would do, and I sought out the advice of an Indian sage. (In my dream it was unclear if I actually went to India somehow, or whether I managed to find one in Beaverton.) He was sitting on a rock with a loincloth and a yellow turban, and he talked like Apu.

I explained what was happening to me and he tilted his head to one side and said, "Silly boy, it is immediately apparent to me the reasons for your discomfort. Your present occupation allows you no outlet for self-expression."


Faustus, M.D. said...

I wonder what it means?

sigmund freud said...

It is clear to me that this dream you had signifies a sexual dissatisfaction. The mention of occupation is significant only as a symbol.

Andy said...

Sigmund: DUH.

Elizabeth said...

Oh. My. I don't think I've ever had such an obvious dream.

I did have dreams in my early 20s of losing my teeth. Then I was startled to hear that dreams of losing teeth mean you feel powerless. It was very apropos--I was going through a depression that was very much about not feeling in control of my life.

Jade said...

OK, you are officially a freak.

Just kidding :)

I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who has really weird dreams giving me advice (my favorite was when I was pregnant and everyone was telling me I'd have a boy, and every night for a week I'd have dreams about pink things... one being a flying pink teddy bear following me around everywhere I went.)

kr said...

btw, I thought this was hilarious--and I think Little Freud was wrong ;). It's not like your sexual dissatisfaction is so Repressed that it needs to be Revealed ;). The tongue, so appropo to singing, too.

when I was feeling creatively repressed, my dream-messenger was DECIDELY more Freudian: an old crush, from a time when I was creatively less repressed

(and I am such a goody two shoes that, no, nothing ever "happened" beyond him leaning in for a kiss, even in my dreams--creativity of course not being my foremost line of repression ; P )

anyhow, I figured out what he represented after a few months and he disappeared

dreams r weird :)