Thursday, July 12, 2007

Starbuck is a Star! (But She Already Knew That)

I knew back when she was still a wee bitty kitty that she had model potential.

And now it's official. Remember that picture about three weeks ago of Starbuck reading The New Yorker? It's going to be published in a book! You know, a real one, that's like, for sale and stuff.

What Pets Do While You're At Work, by my uberfabulous New York friends (and newlyweds) Jason Bergund and Bev West, is now available for pre-order, and is due out in October. It's a humorous photo book, along the lines of their previous work Fat Daisy: Inner Beauty Secrets from a Real Dog and PugTherapy.

Here's me at their wicked cool Upper West Side home a few years ago for a Halloween Party (I came as a Republican tourist). The lovely pooch in my lap is the famous Fat Daisy. Daisy the chihuahua had a torrid romance a while back with a pug named Elvis, and she came down with a case of pregnancy -- 4 pughuahua pups inside that tiny little body! do I put this delicately? She never quite recovered the figure of her youth. But she's beautiful all the same.


K-Lyn said...

But do you have photos of a pughuahua??

Andy said...

Oh, I do, yes. They're beautiful.

Jeff said...

My favorite thing about the photo of your cat reading the New Yorker is the cartoon she's looking at. I remember seeing that cartoon in the magazine and finding the juxtaposition of porn and the New Yorker hilarious.

Jason B said...

hey baby,
thanks so much for the lovely post! i TOTALLY remember that halloween night (wasn't i mommy dearest that year? lol)

i hope everything is going well on your end. we JUST finished last minute edits on what pets do (thank GOD!) everyone at simon and schuster LOVED the pic of starbuck. i'm so glad you let us use it!

love ya baby,

ps - i see a signed copy from daisy to starbuck come october!!

Gino said...

it appears your GOP tourists in NY look just our NY tourists in The OC.

Luke said...

Pass my congrats on to Starbuck!

Back at Borders we had quite a few books about Pugs, in fact the breed is so popular now that they really should have a whole section devoted to them (perhaps, to replace all those Jack Russell books that were so popular in the late 90's).

I distinctly remember having to reshelve PugTherapy on numerous occaisions because people were always compelled to pull it out and read it.