Monday, December 26, 2005

Have Yourself a Mary Little Christmas

I was hanging out with friends and fellow bloggers last night for a traditional Christmas dinner, including a scrumptious Oreo Creme Pie. While we ate, we listened to that heartwarming holiday tale of rejection and disillusionment, Eugene Onegin, on a TimeWarner music channel, enjoying such fascinating Artist Facts as "Mirella Freni is a soprano."

Afterward we retired to the living room to watch figure skating on Lifetime.

Ironically, one of the topics that popped up during dinner was, "Whatever happened to Nancy Kerrigan?" and, wouldn't you know, we saw a commercial for a reality show she's doing.

Maria Butyrskaya broke new ground with what we believe was the first televised striptease on ice. Oh, and she fell on her ass, hard, and slid a few feet, which was pretty entertaining, too. We disqualified her for matching her lipstick to her jacket.

Things improved dramatically for the pairs competition. The first couple impressed us the most when the guy picked up the girl by one ankle and swung her around in circles. After that we just weren't satisfied with anyone else. "Eh, the choreography's okay, but where's the blatant disregard for her safety?"

"Make the yuletide gay," the classic carol instructs. Well, I think we succeeded.


Jess said...

Sounds like a fun time!

Aethlos said...
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Aethlos said...

Thanks Andy:

little-cicero said...

Watch Figure Skating?

Not us manly Catholic Republicans!

We read our Bibles, play tackle football in the snow and look at our Playboy Magazines on Christmas!

Funny Post!

Andy said...

Manly? Apparently you haven't met Mike (8 years in the army) or Glenn, who...well, I don't know what to say about Glenn other than I wouldn't want to get him mad. Is there a stereotype you don't believe in?

Courtney said...

I hearken back to 1994, when I overheard several (presumably) hetero men drinking beer, smoking cigs at a local sports bar, and saying things like, "Well, Kerrigan's got the edge in artistry, but Harding's got the triple axle."

JP said...

Andy, are you implying that tax lawyers aren't manly?

Andy said...

Some of the women aren't.

What are you talking about, you weren't even there.

little-cicero said...

"Make the yuletide gay," the classic carol instructs."

I guess you would be ascribing to a steriotype of homosexual men collectively enjoying figure skating.