Sunday, December 18, 2005

The Narnia Inside

A couple of years ago while I was struggling with acid reflux and watching the life and career I'd worked so hard to build for myself disappear before I knew it was gone, my desperation to heal led me to some wacked-out alternative medicine types.

I visited one woman who worked out of her apartment in the East Village. She works with energies, and such. I lay on a table and she moved her hands over my body for quite a long time, trying to determine if I had a blockage or something somewhere that was causing my physical distress.

After about an hour she said, "Well, I really can't find anything wrong with you, except," and here she held her hands directly over my heart, "right here, there just seems to be a big, cold hole."

I know.


Anthony said...

I have to hope the other medical practitioners didn't detect any such coldness. You're held in high regard by your readers, so it can only be a matter of time before that witch is conquered.

Jess said...

You paid this woman?

Andy, honey, there's no hole there. You have a big, warm, caring heart. As for someone sharing it, that's just a matter of time. Some smart man will see what you have to offer, grab you and hang on for dear life.

steve said...

Wow.... I can't imagine anyone saying that about you. As readers, we see a side that is passionate, thoughtful and gracious... none of those adjectives can exist in a cold individual.

As you continue your search for your man, may you do so with confidence and expectation.

obliquity said...

I refuse to believe that. You've got more heart and passion in your pinkie than some people have in their entire bodies. Trust.

Esther said...

Sounds to me like she was up to something. What a nutter.

little-cicero said...

And I'll bet you thought only us Fat Rich Republican Curmudgeons were cold hearted.

Could this be reflected by your contempt for Christmas trees, as you liken them to part of the male anatomy?

Just kidding...Mr. Grinch!

Jean F. said...

I think people are missing the point here. She's saying there's a big hole that needs to be filled with love -- not that he has a cold heart. His heart is running on empty and he needs to do something about it. I have much faith that someone will fill that heart with love when he least expects it.

little-cicero said...

Seriously, you might reevaluate your relationship with God. Usually when I'm feeling empty, it is because of a lacking in said relationship.