Monday, December 12, 2005

I'm It

Well, I got tagged by Jess.

Five Simple Pleasures:
  1. This past Saturday, a bright, gleaming, frigidly clear winter day, I found myself with nothing to do so I took my iPod to Central Park and walked all the way around the drive, which takes me about 2.5 hours, or 36 songs. My iPod, with 4006 songs, reflects my exceptionally eclectic taste in music, but nothing suited Central Park in the snow better than Miles Davis' "Sweet Pea."
  2. Aquariums, any aquarium. I've visited the ones in Seattle, Newport, OR, San Francisco, Monterey, Denver, Chicago, Brooklyn, Mystic, London, Brighton, Paris and Honolulu.
  3. A scalding hot bath with a Ravi Shankar raga playing in the light of a single candle.
  4. A hug, from anyone.
  5. When a dog smiles at you.

Hmm, to continue this, I tag Jean, Little-Cicero, Jeff, Courtney and Tony.


SailRacer said...

God forbid you should ever have to go to Boston, but if you do visit the aquarium.

Jon said...

I love aquaria! I just was at the wonderful aqaurium in Capetown. It's magnificent... and I'm contemplating a long weekend in Atlanta to check out their new one.

When I lived in Texas, I had a 150 gallon tank with discus; I wish I had room in here for some fishies!

Aethlos said...

ravi is divine, but do you have nusrat fateh ali khan in your ipod? Tere bin is the popular one, but get "Piya Re"... it's SO COOL