Tuesday, December 20, 2005

It Wasn't All Bad

I could get used to this "working at home" thing.

Okay, the problem is, I'm not sure I can convince my bosses that enough of my job can actually be done from home. I'm not sure because I'm not sure I believe it myself. Still, I gave it the old college try today. I have been checking my voicemail and returning phone calls, responding to emails, and I redesigned our company's travel expense report form.

I also did two loads of laundry and enjoyed a whiskey soda after my lunch break. (Hey, creating spreadsheet templates is hard work!)

The best part was sleeping in until 9 a.m. and still being ontime for work.

The worst part was running into Joan in the laundry room. Her grasp of reality is increasingly tenuous, I'm afraid. While we both agreed the union has no business striking (trust me, I didn't bring it up!), she went on to defend the MTA...which is indefensible. She called union leader Roger Toussaint "that goddamned frenchman," and referred to the workers as "greedy pigs who should either be grateful to live in a country where they have a job or they should go back to where they came from." Always a pleasure talking with you, Joan.

Well, I think I've been exceptionally productive under the circumstances. I think I'm going to allow myself to cut out early today.


Julia said...

That is classic Joan. It makes me nostalgic for the old building. . . .

Aethlos said...

lunchtime whiskey-soda.... mmmmmm... wanna spend xmas with me? :P

Andy said...

You can pick me up at O'Hare. I'll bring the soda, you meet me in baggage claim with a gallon of Jack.

Nathan said...

I prefer scotch on the rocks. Glad to see you're getting work done. I can picture the next Onion Headline,

"New Yorkers more fit than ever, Richard Simmons demands MTA disband"