Tuesday, July 05, 2005

AOL: Bite Me

If you have tried to email me recently and gotten an error message (specifically, ERROR 554 TRANSACTION FAILED), this is because AOL sucks big sweaty hairy orangutan balls. And I mean that in the pejorative.

I spent about an hour on the phone with tech support; got bounced around to four different people, none of whom could help me. The last person told me the problem does not reside with AOL, but rather with the ISPs of the people trying to email me. (This includes my own work address!)

He said if people are having trouble emailing me, they are supposed to call AOL to let them know. Can you believe that? I know you guys love me, but no one loves me enough to call and deal with AOL Tech Support just for the luxury of emailing me.

Meantime, if you want to email me, please use my work address if you know it, or post a comment on my blog. I seem to not have trouble sending email, just receiving.

Also, maybe it's time to give AOL the big heave-ho. Recommendations???


Anthony said...

You don't seriously expect me to start advertising British Telecom, do you? They're good, but I rather doubt their internet services stretch across the Atlantic!

Matthew said...

Do you want better email service, or a complete replacement of your connection? If you just want to chuck your email, I can recommend Gmail. I'm quite happy with it.

Andy said...

Yeah, I've heard good things about Gmail, but it's not an ISP -- I have to find someone to get me online.

Steve said...

One word: RoadRunner. Maybe that's two words. I still use AOL, and if I didn't pay just $12.95 a month, I'd douche them in a minute. RR provides the bad-ass-fast connection and my e-mail as well.

Jess said...

Yeah, AOL definitely sucks. To use another fine phrase (one I learned from two female lawyers with whom I once worked--and they used the phrase all the time), they "suck hairy moose cock." :)

Andy said...

I am just posting this comment myself to see if AOL is receiving my comment-emails again.