Sunday, July 10, 2005

A Very Good Question

Overheard today on the Long Island Railroad:

Asian tourist chick: How do I get to Patchogue?

Conductor: Take this train to Jamaica and transfer to the Speonk.

Asian tourist chick: What's a Speonk?


Joel said...

1. What is Patchogue?
2. Jamaica??
3. What IS a speonk?

Jess said...

Isn't Speonk a great name? So odd. One of those old Indian (Native American) names.

It just sounds so weird. :)

Anonymous said...

More importantly, what were you doing on the Long Island Railroad?


Andy said...

Why, I was going to Fire Island! It was 94 in the City yesterday, I wanted out! And it was fantastic. (You take the Speonk line after transferring at Jamaica from Penn Station, but you get off in Sayville, which is before Patchogue.)

Anthony said...

I have to agree with Joel on this one ...