Friday, November 12, 2004

Liberal Outrage

I don't know if anyone has ever given this advice to you before, or whether therapists still recommend it, but some years ago someone suggested a technique for dealing with anger that I have found very useful.

Basically, in the heat of the moment, you set yourself down and write a long letter to the person you're angry with, and put everything in it. Let it all out. Say the things you've been dying to say forever, and use as many four letter words and as much colorful vocabularly as you can muster, if it helps. Just put everything out there, right on the page.

When you're done, read it back to yourself. Then destroy the letter; don't ever let anyone else see it. Breathe deeply. You should feel better, and hopefully, freed from the entrapment of rage, your brain has begun to find constructive ways to deal with the situation instead.

For those of us who might still have a few untapped resentments left after the election, click here to read one person's rant.

Warning: this website contains language not appropriate for chuch. At least, not my church.

Disclaimer: I am NOT the author of this text, and would be proud if I were.

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