Friday, January 13, 2006

Dream Analysis

I dreamed that my company decided to improve fundraising by operating a bed and breakfast out of our organization's headquarters, where we would rent out vacant offices for the night. I was checking in some guests when a massive earthquake struck.

"Andy, you'd better go check on the animals," said my boss. So I started to head out the door, but then she grabbed me and said, "And find Dr. Hubble!"

"The one who invented the telescope?"

"Yes!" she screamed, as if I had asked the stupidest question on earth.

So then I got on my tyke-sized tricycle and headed off toward the forest that's across the street from the shopping mall. Just as I came around the corner, I saw that the animals were beginning to flee in a stampede. The woods were emptying: a great stream of chipmunks, rabbits, zebras, lions, rhinoceroseses and polar bears were heading right for me.

Quickly I ducked behind a back corner of the mall and watched the animals file past me. One of the polar bears stopped and started to sniff. Slowly it backed up, and turned around to face me.

Remembering what I learned from Jurassic Park, I stood stock still, not even breathing, so that it couldn't see me.

Then I farted and it ate me and I woke up.

So, having given it a lot of thought, I think this dream means I am insane.


Matthew said...

You may have a point there =)

On the other hand, it could also mean you live next to a really interesting forest.

Andy said...

Forests are usually maternal symbols, so maybe that means something.

Andy said...

I decided to look up some of these elements on

"The interpretation of a forest dream depends on what happened in the dream, the circumstances of the dreamer and other details of the dream, all of which should be considered. If you were alone and/or frightened, you can expect to be let down by someone on whom you rely."

"Due to its color, a polar bear in a dream is a good omen signifying an improvement in your circumstances." (But what if it eats you?)

"[Earthquakes signify] a complete change of circumstances and/or environment from which [you] can eventually reap a rich reward, but only through diligence and perseverance."

"We found 0 matches for tricycle."

"We found 0 matches for fart."

little-cicero said...

I think this dream means that you are running away from the outer you, and that it will consume you if you do not turn to the real you:
which is in fact a Catholic Republican heterosexual. That's just my unbiased opinion.

obliquity said...

The tricycle and polar bear fascinate me to no end. I'd ask you to lie on my couch, but I'd be distracted. :-)

Michael said...

I'm not a fancy, big-city therapist ...(hold for gasps of shock)...but I say you shouldn't worry about insanity until you read this blog entry and see "Dr. Hubble" and think "Dr. Hibbard."

Andy said...

The thing of it was, I know this reads like it was funny, but honestly, being IN the dream, I was absolutely terrified. When that bear lunged at me...eeep. I woke up all covered with sweat.

Anthony said...

After reading that, I'd say that if you are insane, it's in the most entertaining manner ... (Which I daresay is scant consolation.)

Esther said...

That's pretty weird and it does sound funny when reading it. I know what you mean about being scared in the dream though. I once dreamed that I found an enchanted castle and was eaten by one of the dragon's that guarded the castle. Dying in your own dream is bizarre.

Anonymous said...

Oneiroanalytically, your dream symbolizes your desire to couple. Your life lacks the balance you wish it had.

The vacant offices in your organization’s building symbolize the vacancy you feel in your life. Professionally, your job gives you a feeling of contentment, yet you feel there is something missing, which is symbolized in the bed and breakfast being incorporated into your office. You want to add a love relationship to your life.

Oneirocritically, the earthquake symbolizes that a major shake up is about to happen in your personal life.

Your occupational supervisor represents your professionalism. When ordered to go check on the animals, you are being told to go outside your professional life and seek men with whom you could couple and share a fuller personal life.

Dr Hubble is a man of the stars that fill the night sky and symbolizes your wish-upon-a-star dream lover. While Hubble’s telescope has large phallic connotations, it more profoundly indicates that you are closely examining your life situation.

When you leave your office to go check on the animals, you are going to search for potential dates and boyfriends. While you will look amid the all-men-are-animals, your goal is to find the Hubblian man of your dreams.

Your venturing out on a tricycle symbolizes your tri-fold desire to find a man who will be your emotional, intellectual, and spiritual partner. Your differentiation of riding a tyke-sized versus an adult tricycle symbolizes your youthful hopefulness.

The forest symbolizes the natural world while the shopping mall represents the material. You eschew the mall, where telescopes are sold, and head to the forest, following an innately natural path.

As the animals depart the forest, you initially perceived they were fleeing but later describe them filing past you, connoting slower movement. There is no apparent indication why the animals are fleeing. It may be the earthquake caused them to rush out into the open and not hide the dark forest, indicating societal shake ups are allowing men who are gay to come out of the darkness and into the light. Irrespective, the animals pass by you, which represents your feeling that potential relationships are racing or filing by you. The woods emptying connotes the difficulty you feel about finding a potential boyfriend.

The animals represent different types of dateable men. Chipmunks are guys who do not share what they are feeling or thinking but hoard their emotions and thoughts. Rabbits represent men who hop from one relationship to the other. Zebras symbolize bisexuals. Lions are alpha males who dominant their partners. Rhinoceroses are horny men who are only interested in sex. Polar bears represent men with whom you can bare your body and soul.

You animalize yourself when you “ducked.” Ducks are multitalented animals that walk, swim, and fly. You are a man of many talents, who is intelligent, spiritual, and kind-hearted.

Your Jurassic Park reflection indicates you let your romantic “ancient history” determine your present course of action. Your standing still shows that while you are out in the open for all to see, you are not actively pursuing potential relationships. Alternatively, it can mean you feel everything happens so fast and that men you date are rushing into and out of your life and not staying with you.

There are sexual overtones in the polar bear’s backing up to you, but more importantly it shows the polar bear trusts you as he does not immediately turn around to see you. As it is not another breed of bear, the polar bear indicates that you will find a partner this winter. Please do not misconstrue this to mean he will be a stereotypical “gay bear.” Rather, the polar bear represents a modified white knight in shining fur – armor – that prospers despite the coldness of society around it. The polar bear represents the warm-blooded, cuddly, hugging partner you long to have.

When flatulence lets the polar bear find you, your body betrays you. This means your physical attractiveness and appealing handsomeness will attract your partner. The polar bear devouring you represents that he takes in all of your triune being; he is not only interested in your physicality but wants to connect with the entirety of you: mind, heart, and spirit.

Your feeling terrified of “being IN the dream” signifies that scariness of relationships. You fear you will lose your individual identity when you couple. The polar bear, however, took in the totality of you not to destroy you but because he was attracted to all facets of you.

It is important to note that you did not find Dr Hubble, which indicates you will not find the starry-eyed man of your dreams. Rather, when you do not expect to find him, your partner will find you when you are out checking out men and looking for your dream man. Oneiroanalytically, you will find your partner when you go out and let men see you the beauty of your physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual being.

So, having given it a lot of thought, I know this dream means you are incredible.

Your partner-to-be is a very fortunate man.

Anthony said...

I have to say I'm seriously impressed.

little-cicero said...

Forget that, I still say it means your a straight conservative Catholic, but that's just me.

Andy said...

Anonymous: that was hilarious! Thank you!