Monday, January 09, 2006

Tips for Internet Dating

  1. If he sends a picture of himself, double click on it to "edit photo."
  2. Distort the picture by making it wider than the original.
  3. Crop the photo across the top just below the hairline to see what he looks like without hair.
  4. If he sends you a picture that shall I put this so my mother doesn't faint...not of their face, view it at 50% size. (If using AOL, select "33%.")


Dan said...

Here's a easier system for internet dating. One step. Ready for it?

Don't do it.

There ya go. Easy as pie :)

Andy said...

I second that. I almost never do it, as generally speaking I get the distinct impression that they are at least as disappointed as I am when we finally meet.

Jess said...

Bwahahaha! Great tips, Andy!

Oh, by the way, while it wasn't "Internet dating", Marc and I first met through online chatting (IRC). Ten+ years and counting. Just sayin'. :)

Richie said...

I met my exboyfriend through the internet... quite handy I must add!