Thursday, January 19, 2006

How Was Your Day, Dear?

The low point...

Angry Important Person: Andy, I'm having a problem with the temp receptionist.

Me: Oh dear. What happened?

AIP: She told someone I don't work here anymore.

Me: It's a he.


Aethlos said...

oh NO. no, no no. lol

little-cicero said...

See, this is the problem with transexuals crossdressing at work. This guy can't even tell the sex of his employees any more because of all the trans working there. Society crumbles.

Andy said...

First of all he's not a transsexual, just very ambiguous. Honestly, it was hard to tell. Secondly, YOUR confusion should not even remotely figure into someone else's considerations of their own personal gender expression and appearance.

little-cicero said...

This reminds me of the end of Austin Powers, where he tries to take off the woman's mask:
"It's a Man Baby!"

Hey, if my confusion made any difference, there would be a LOT of confusion in the world!

Myackie said...

Right after college, I was a receptionist for a doctor. One day, he sent me out to get his lunch. I returned to the office to find him on my phone having a strange conversation. After he hung up, he said to me, "I said something stupid to a potential patient, so I pretended I was you."